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Holding Out For A Hero

Sunday 16th October 2011 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM (This Event is Over)

Venue : ITV1

Holding out for HeroHolding out for a Hero is a brand new prime time game show for ITV, hosted by GETHIN JONES, where contestants don't play to win themselves a prize, they play to win a potentially life changing sum of money for their hero's cause.

Three contestants play, each hoping they have the right combination of skill, luck and strategy to win tens of thousands of pounds. Play stays tense until the very last moment because each question can dramatically change the course of the game.

Unlike on any other quiz show, these contestants are not playing for greed but to make someone else's dream come true. Whatever money they win, they will be handing over to their hero - a deserving person with an amazing story who has no idea someone has decided to play for them.

In an emotional finale the winner hands over a cheque to their hero for a cause that will truly benefit.

To Find out how we got on tune in on Sunday 16th October.

Our Story

Eye Feel Good was formed in 2009 by Richard Fee after his wife, Annemarie, was diagnosed with Occular Melanoma. Richard decided to raise money for the Royal Liverpool Hospital as a thank you for all the care and support that his wife received whilst being treated there. Eye Feel Good started out as a one off event, but has since escalated into much more.

Where it all Began : Youtube Video

Eye Feel Good is a charity foundation based in Northern Ireland that aims to raise money through organised events donating to those living with cancer within the community. The charity's aims are to provide financial resources to organisations that offer services to people affected by cancer. It currently fundraises for large and small cancer charities, hospital units, as well as giving money to individual families whose lives have been touched by cancer through ''silent donations''.

Quiz player: Gavin McLaughlin, a Cycle for Health Coordinator from Altringham, Manchester

Gavin has been friends with both Richard and his wife since childhood. Having also lost his mum to cancer Gavin fully believes in Richard's charity and wants to do all he can to support him.


Holding Out For A Hero