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Mad Hatter's 10K Sponsored Walk

Saturday 8th May 2010 1.30 PM (This Event is Over)

Venue : Start and Finish Cova Inn Lounge

What do you have to do to take part

The Route

The route consists of 4 stages to break up the walk and make this an enjoyable day out for everybody.

View the route map on Google Maps.

Stage 1 – Eat Me

Leave the Cova Inn at 1400 with a piece of cake in hand and walk up high street in the direction of All Saints Church.  Stay on the right hand side all the way up the town towards the Top of the Town pub.  No stopping at the pub, keep going along the Belfast line until you reach the technology park.  Be careful crossing the road.  Enter the Technology Park and walk towards the Muckamore Cricket Club.  Well done, you have reached the next stage.

Stage 2 – Drink Me (Sponsored by Feel Good Drinks)

After quenching your thirst with some delightful beverages from Feel Good Drinks you leave the cricket club and walk down towards the sixmile water and cross the bridge leading to Kirby’s Lane car park.  At Kirby’s lane car park follow the river path towards the salmon leap and on towards Antrim.  Once you cross the little mill race bridge follow the path up the hill and on to the Belmont Road.  Turn left and walk along the Belmont Road towards the Dublin Road roundabout.  Turn left at the Dublin Road roundabout and use the little crossing to get across to the old side of the Dublin Road estate.  Well done, you have reached the next stage.

Stage 3 –The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Sponsored by Starbucks from Junction One)

Now it’s time for a brew!  You can recharge your batteries before setting off on the final leg of the walk.  Walk along the Dublin Road towards the entrance to Rea’s Wood or the old ‘Deer Park’ hotel for those of you old enough to remember.

Walk down the hill and take a right turn along the Lough Shore towards the Lough Shore Car park.  Once you reach the Lough Shore car park follow the footpath that runs between the sixmile water and caravan park.  Keep going along the footpath and on past the Antrim Forum.  Once you reach the forum you are within touching distance of your final destination.  Walk towards the subway at the far end of the car park, turn left through the adjacent subway and walk straight along masserene street, past the British Legion. Cross the road to the Cova Inn.

Stage 4 - Enjoy a Jam Tart at the Cova Bar

Well done you have completed the Mad Hatter’s Walk.

Mad Hatter's 10K Sponsored Walk