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English Channel Swim Challenge

Monday 4th January 2010 to Tuesday 4th May 2010 (This Event is Over)

Venue : Antrim Forum

Just like David Walliams, Ian Montgomery from Randalstown will be swimming the length of the English Channel for charity.

However, unlike David Walliams, Ian will be swimming the length of the English Channel in the Antrim Forum pool over a period of 5 months. This equates to 1416 lengths of the 25 metre pool. Ian will be undertaking the challenge from January 2010 to May 2010.

Ian told Eye Feel Good "I have always wanted to swim the English Channel but I'm not that fond of cold water. This is an ideal opportunity for me to take on a big personal challenge and help out a very worthwhile cause".

Eye Feel Good would like to thank the staff at the Antrim Forum who have helped Ian set up his sponsored swim.

Monty's Log

19th April

The end is in sight, I can almost smell the brie and croissants...

I have 309 lengths left to complete my never ending swim. I hope to finish on Tuesday May 4th when the grandchildren will be off and they can join me in the last few lengths. I will be hiring two lanes so that everyone will have space to enjoy themselves. The Antrim Forum cafe will put on something with a French flavour to mark the occassion.

31st March

I have now completed 920 lengths. Our local MLA trevor Clarke has promised to be at the finish and I hope to have a couple of prizes for some little sweeps etc...

18th March

I am still swimming away, Chrisine Bleakley passed me the other day, but she didn't have time to stop!!! Due to a slight hitch last week ( technical term for I was knackered!!) I didn't get so many lengths done but as of 9:00am Wednesday 17th I have 570 lengths to the finish line. Simple maths, I have already done 790. That's 790 lengths, 990 minutes, or 19.5 hours and 39,500 strokes in total, go on, you're impressed, aren't you?

2nd March

13:10 today completed another 50 lengthsto bring me to within another 50 of my halfway point

26th Feb

Thar he blows! As of today Friday 26th February I have completed 580 lengths and my schedule makes my half way point at 9:10 am Friday 5th March, that's just before Karens marathon run so we can all support her.

22nd Feb

Full steam ahead. As of 12:00noon I have completed 492 lengths,868 to go.

9th Feb
Completed another 40 lengths bringing my total up to 402 ,which makes me 10k from shore, 7more and i will be halfway and have to carry on

1st Feb
I have now completed 302 lengths or 7.55 kms

24th Jan
My swimming has decreased by 56 lengths and I wasnt even in the water!!!!.The mathematicians amongst you will have worked out that 34 K is actually only 1360 Lengths!!!.As to my progress at 1:20pm on Friday 22nd I have completed 160 lengths to make me exactly 4K into the channel

16th Jan 2010
Just to give you an update ,on Friday January 15th  at 13:10 I completed my first 100 lengths equating to 2*5 kms So Iam now into the shipping lanes and my "back up support team " is ready with the foghorn to warn them of a large object in the navigation channel!!!!

English Channel Swim Challenge